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Nations Calling are constantly developing and changing because we believe in working with people and not static organizations. We are currently working in 5 different countries, and our work in these countries can vary from country to country.


Kasia & Ronald Gabrielsen was the first missionaries to be sent out. They moved to Poland in 2014 with their two children and a small team. Since then, they have been active doing church planting, evangelism, Bible school, and humanitarian aid. 


Laila and Niels Petur Fagraberg are from the Faroe Islands and spent three years in Bergen as members of Jesusfellesskapet and as students/volunteers at Veien Bible School (now Impact). They were sent out by Nations Calling as missionaries to their native land in the summer of 2017 and settled in the town of Midvag.


They were sent out by Nations Calling in the fall of 2017 to Mo i Rana in the north of Norway as part of a team to serve the Pentecostal Familiekirka (Family Church). From January 2022 through May 2023, they were in Kenya serving on the team of Swahili Coast Mission.
When returning to Norway, they settled in Levanger for a year, but are moving to Molde in the spring of 2024. Here Eimund will work in Normisjon out of Norkirken as an evangelist/strategist and coordinator for church planting in the region.


Dag Rane Schjelderup is a veteran missionary in Albania and has lived there permanently since 1995. He has led many Albanians to Jesus and discipled them as well. He founded and leads the church "Bashkesia E Jezusit" in the town of Fushe-Kruje, is involved in leading intercessory networks both nationally and throughout the whole Balkan region, and engages in itinerant ministry across the Balkans.

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