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Nations Calling is the mission work of the Jesus Fellowship in Bergen. We believe Europe is on the verge of a big revival and because of this full time workers are needed. Just like Jesus sent out 70 people to all the towns and villages in Israel, we feel we should send 70 people to run pioneer work for Jesus in Europe.

As we traveled to various parts of Europe, we felt the stirring of a collective cry for salvation. In places where people had forgotten God, we felt that even creation was crying out. It brought to mind the words of Jesus, who told the scribes that if the living creatures keep silent, the stones will shout — which became very real for us.


We knew that the hope of nations lay in the hands of the one who could bring salvation, and that is Jesus — the hope of nations. The nations are calling for salvation, which is why we chose the name "Nations Calling".


Nations Calling is seeking to either start new churches or strengthen local churches hungry for more. We want to help churches longing for the supernatural Christian life, with signs and wonders as proof that the kingdom of God has come near. We want to start serving these churches through training, equipping, and helping them achieve a breakthrough. Our focus areas are evangelism, seminars, humanitarian aid, and church planting.

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