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Laila and Niels Petur Fagraberg


Laila and Niels Petur Fagraberg are from the Faroe Islands and spent three years in Bergen as members of Jesusfellesskapet and as students/volunteers at Veien Bible School (now Impact).


They were sent out by Nations Calling as missionaries to their native land in the summer of 2017 and settled in the town of Midvag. Here, they led the Lutheran inner mission fellowship for a while before starting a house church that, a few years ago, merged with another church to become Vegurin (The Way), a free charismatic church. Both Laila and Niels Petur are part of the leadership; Niels Petur is one of two pastors, and Laila is a worship leader. Together with others, they also lead a house of prayer and have a passion to see their home country reached for the gospel and to send out missionaries to Europe.

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