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There is an awakening happening in Europe right now and Jesus is looking for workers willing to go.


Europe has a long and rich Christian heritage, but today, many countries in Europe have become increasingly secular. The sad reality is that most Europeans today have never been exposed to the true Gospel. Instead, they have been presented with a dead religion stripped of spiritual power. More then ever we need to see revival and true message of the Gospel preached.

However, the people of Europe are longing for spiritual answers, and because the church cannot offer it, many turn to a mixture of self-help and new age philosophies. Others try to suppress their spiritual longing with science and atheistic evolution.

Additionally, Europe is home to a large number of immigrants and refugees from different parts of the world, including many countries with Muslim-majority populations. This presents an opportunity for Christians to share the Gospel with people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.


Today Europe is a hub of cultural, economic, and political influence, and what happens in Europe has a ripple effect on the rest of the world. By preaching the Gospel in Europe, we have the potential to not only impact individuals and communities, but to also shape the future of the world.

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